Holly Kühn was born and raised in Austin, Texas, where she was inspired by an easy and active lifestyle. Always a girl on-the-go, she wanted to create pieces that could withstand any lifestyle and would be comfortable enough to live in. A firm believer that ' less is more,' she creates classic and clean designs that aren’t dictated by trends, but that compliment and amplify one's style.  Whether you’re exercising, sleeping or swimming - Kühn jewelry is meant to move with you in your every day life. 

Holly's first design and signature pieces are her custom fit cuffs and bangles. They are made to measure and hand formed with an oval mandrel and raw-hide mallet. Using gold filled material she is able to create heavier gold pieces at an affordable price, that will still last for years to come. 

Kühn jewelry is designed and made-to-order by Holly Kühn in her New York City studio. Each item is hand made with precision and care. Holly's designs preserve subtle details from a jewelers’ hands that enhance the natural beauty of each piece. She makes her pieces using the finest quality materials and conflict-free diamonds.